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How do I make my organisation attractive to investors and financiers?

How can I finance the major growth plans I have? How can I get more breathing space in economically difficult times? How do I finance an acquisition for growth? Investors and financiers can be the solution, but to attract potential lenders, you need a solid business plan, covering various scenarios. We can help you with that.

Appropriate financing solution

We speak the language of financiers and we can help you find an appropriate financing solution. To assess your current situation for continuity and growth, we will first review your existing financing structure and analyse this in the context of your existing and future plans. Subsequently, we will analyse whether this structure is optimised and advise you on ways of changing it, where appropriate.

Guiding you through the investment process

Does your organisation have growth ambitions? Or perhaps you need support to deal with a difficult period? In that case, it may be interesting to talk to investors, such as private equity companies and venture capitalists. Together, you can discuss acquisition opportunities, or other options requiring large investments, for example. We have these contacts and can assist you in this process.

We can also draw up your financing memorandum, where needed, The financing memorandum is an essential document that invites investors and financiers to draw up financing proposals. The financing memorandum ensures that you can compare these proposals on similar criteria.

Subsequently, we will assess the financing proposals for you, putting you in a strong negotiating position. This ensures that you receive the financing that is most suitable for you and that best matches your plans for the organisation.

The benefits

  • You will receive a quick scan of your current financing structure.
  • An optimal financing memorandum.
  • Contact with potential investors and financiers.
  • Assessment of, and advice on, financing proposals.
  • You will get the required refinancing.
  • Your business plan will be thoroughly evaluated.

Would you like to know more about making your organisation interesting for investors and financiers? Call us.


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