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Selling a business

How do I best preserve my legacy when selling my business?

How do I sell my business? How do I find a buyer? Should I sell now, or wait until next year? Should I sell to a competitor, or involve private equity? How much is my business worth? And how will it continue to be successful in the future? Entrepreneurs who sell their business face many decisions. We help them in their search for answers by making them think about the bigger picture. What will you do next? Will that make you happy, also in the future? These things matter to our clients, and therefore to us. And they lead to better business decisions.

Balance between the finances and the emotions

We look closely at the match between buyer and seller, and the business owner's plans for the future. We consider, for example, whether you want to stop working immediately after the sale, or maybe would prefer to stay on for a while as managing director or consultant? This plays a role in determining the type of buyers we select. Selling the business which you spent so much energy in building, is also about emotions. The best price is important, but so is feeling like you did the right thing. We also take that into account.  

Closing a once-in-a-lifetime deal while running the business

We will be your partner during the sales process, both in the background and in the boardroom. Our support will allow you the focus to continue to manage your business – operations should not suffer from the process. In fact, it is important that your company performs well, particularly during the sales process, which can easily take six to twelve months. Our acquisition advisors, tax experts and lawyers are capable of supporting you in every possible way, whether it be making calculations, straightening out the accounts or providing a thorough deal analysis. This is how we ensure that you have a clear picture of the pros and cons of a prospective deal, which enables you to make important decisions on solid grounds.

International network

Transactions increasingly involve a cross-border element. As a member of the Grant Thornton international network, we have direct contact with colleagues in more than 140 countries. They know the local do's and don'ts and will support us in negotiating the best deal for you.

The benefits

  • We will ensure a tightly-managed sales process.
  • The best deal, both financially and emotionally.
  • Your company will have the future you want it to have.
  • We’ll help you search for and find the best acquisition candidates, globally.
  • You can continue to manage your business, despite the intensive sales process.
  • You will have us as a good sparring partner.
  • Our involvement will make the sale process less stressful.

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"We mapped out the underlying results, the working capital and financing requirements for a transport company, on a monthly basis. As a result, these topics did not arise as a major issue during the sales process, which involved multiple bidders. Without this support, the company would have realised significantly lower proceeds for the vendor.”

Wilfred van der Lee, partner