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Valuation (buy/sell context)

Business valuations

A good understanding of the value of a company helps you prepare for the negotiations involved in buying or selling that company. How can you increase the value of your business? How much time does that take? Or, conversely, what is the value of a potential acquisition candidate? It's understandable that there are many such questions around the sale or acquisition of a business. We provide the answers by performing business valuations.

Thorough analysis – different scenarios

We analyse a company's revenue model and how that translates into cash flows. Additionally, we identify the risks associated with those cash flows. We develop various scenarios and reveal dependencies by performing sensitivity analyses. This gives you a complete and well-grounded picture of a company’s future potential.

Ready for negotiations

Sensitivity analyses provide a clear picture of the most important variables that influence the value of a company. This, in turn, strengthens your negotiating position. In addition, we also translate the results of the analyses into practical key figures, which provide a comprehensible overview during the negotiations.

The benefits

  • You get a good insight into the value of the company.
  • Insight into the most important value drivers.
  • Insight into potential future business risks and the consequences of risk mitigation.
  • You will receive value optimisation ideas for your business.
  • You're well-prepared for any negotiations.


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