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Due diligence buy-side

Is the vendor providing me with a realistic insight into the company that I want to acquire?

Is this company really as good as is being presented? What is the margin development per client? Will we come across any liabilities in the future? What are the working capital requirements? All very valid questions. The stakes are high when acquiring a company.  A due diligence investigation provides the required insight.

Good starting point

A due diligence investigation provides you, the buyer with insight into the potential risks and opportunities involved in the deal. It also satisfies your duty of investigation. The in-depth analyses of financial results, tax risks and positions of the company make sure you are not faced with surprises at a later stage.

Due diligence and M&A advice, globally

A multi-disciplinary due diligence team allows us to investigate financial, legal, tax, IT, ESG and pension risks and opportunities. It involves about a month of pretty intensive investigation. We keep lines of communication short, so you always remain up-to-date about the progress and results of our work. We then advise on the risks we have flagged and provide potential solutions. Doing business internationally? We can conduct investigations globally. With a due diligence assignment, we also advise about a deal structure, Share Purchase Agreement and the opportunities available after the acquisition.

What are the advantages?

You will receive insights and tools that help your negotiating position.

  • You will know what the fair transaction price is.
  • There will be no unexpected material issues after the acquisition.
  • Your acquisition decision will be based on a solid foundation.
  • You will have the tools to show accountability to your lenders.
  • You will meet your duty of investigation as a buyer.

Wilfred van der Lee

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“We often work for foreign corporates and Private Equity, for example, who are acquiring their first Dutch so-called DGA company (i.e. owned by the director/major shareholder). We ensure that they include all the specifically Dutch issues when formalising the transaction. I often hear that they are happy with the smooth acquisition process, enabled by our ability to bridge cultural differences, and that they found our advice very useful.”

Wilfred van der Lee, partner Transaction Advisory Services