Past Event: Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The worldwide VAT compliance landscape is changing due to the implementation of various e-invoicing and (near) real-time filing obligations. The requirement of having correct data submitted to the tax authorities is more important than ever. Especially with the ViDA proposals of the European Commission and the introduction of Digital Reporting Requirements. 

Automating the VAT compliance function can assist with this, by creating more valuable time for review before the returns are submitted.

In this session, we will:

  • Describe how to address the challenges related to ensuring the benefits of automating global compliance processes
  • Articulate the benefits of investing in automated compliance solutions


  • Robert-Jan Brethouwer, Partner, Indirect Tax
  • Ygrain Post, Senior Consultant, Indirect Tax


Robert-Jan Brethouwer
Partner | IBC Director

With more than 10 years' experience working in indirect tax Robert-Jan enjoys advising businesses on all matters around Dutch and international indirect tax. His work involves providing consulting and advisory services on the more complicated aspects of large and complex businesses. He works across all sectors with extensive experience in the multi-level-marketing, airline and health care sectors. He is delighted to be one of the facilitators in the International Indirect Tax Training program Grant Thornton offers to their junior and mediors and to be part of Grant Thornton International's EMEA indirect tax committee. This role enables him to work with member firms and colleagues across the world, share knowledge and best practice, as well as train and mentor our people.

Ygrain Post
Senior Consultant, Indirect Tax
Ygrain Post

Ygrain is a Senior Consultant in Grant Thornton’s International Indirect Tax practice who likes to build bridges between the tax domain and the technology domain by creating innovative computational tax solutions while working in multi-disciplinary teams. She has a Masters’ degree in Tax Law from Erasmus University. Additionally, this was followed by a Tax & Technology course at Tilburg University. Before joining Grant Thornton she worked at a big four company and at an international law firm in Amsterdam and New York City.