The demand for healthcare is increasing. Changing laws and regulations, an ageing population, and increasing costs are increasing the pressure on healthcare institutions and carers. While the quality of healthcare should still remain high. Fewer and fewer healthcare institutions are financially healthy. This is often the result of lower compensation and increasing costs, especially personnel costs. How does your healthcare organisation remain financially healthy?

Healthcare providers are challenged to deliver good quality at sharp prices. To realise that, processes have to be structured effectively and efficiently. Effective measures lead to (even) higher quality. The most efficient approach delivers the best results at the lowest possible price. In many cases, effectiveness loses to efficiency.

In healthcare, there are many opportunities for being and remaining financially healthy. To achieve that, and to keep it, means continuously making choices! We look forward to advising and supporting you with that.

Trends and developments

  • contracting based on price/quality;
  • sharp price and volume agreements;
  • concentration of highly-specialised care;
  • information security;
  • scaling-down, care nearby, and prevention lead to new models;
  • decreasing demand for second-line care;
  • transparency in care results achieved;
  • accommodation and care are separated.

Grant Thornton can help you with:

  • setting up cost-reduction programmes;
  • transparency of your (financial) results;
  • switching to horizontal supervision, for example with the help of technology;
  • securing your data and that of your clients and/or patients;
  • remuneration issues (related to the Standards for Remuneration Act, also known as ‘Wet Normering Topinkomens’);
  • structuring and designing the flexible shell;
  • legal structuring of activities.

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