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Why should the life sciences industry report on the impact it has on the community?

The primary aim of the life sciences industry is to improve decease prevention and treatment and maximise quality of life of patients. Nevertheless, discussions on drug prices and company profits has led to a public perception of the life sciences industry being a profit-centric rather than a patient-centric industry.

The current tone of the debate is a call for transparency in the life sciences industry, to demonstrate and fuel patient-centric company culture across the sector. The life sciences industry should aim to balance its socio-economic impact with financially sustainable models and communicate these more clearly to its stakeholders.

In collaboration with Aglaia Oncology Funds, we developed the . This web-based tool, enables life science companies and investment funds to report on the impact their investments have on people’s lives and the community.

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Will my tax losses still have any value in the future?

Savings from tax benefits allow you to spend more on R&D. In practice we see that innovative companies are successful in obtaining instant tax benefits, such as R&D benefits (e.g. WBSO), but often fail to obtain long-term benefits, such as by using tax loss compensation against future profits. Interested to find out if this applies to your business?

How do investors perceive my financial administration?

Obtaining funding for your R&D activities is a major challenge for most innovative businesses. It has been shown that sound financial management is a major success factor in obtaining investment and in M&A. As an entrepreneur you probably keep a liquidity prognosis, a financial forecast and maintain your companies accounts. Curious to find out how investors perceive your financial administration?

What is the value of my business?

This is a question that will come up when speaking to investors, making important investment decisions, issuing employee stock options and when anticipating an exit. In fact, value is probably the single most important metric throughout your company’s life cycle. Interested to know the value of your business?

How will I stay an attractive employer for my international workforce?

The war for talent forces also to look abroad for talented people. Hiring foreign employees bring many uncertainties and compliance (e.g. immigration, tax returns and 30%-rulings) along. As a result, the onboarding for these employees is not always successful. Curious to found out how to keep the employee experience for these employees on track?

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