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New salary criteria for knowledge migrants as of 2019

New salary conditions apply for knowledge migrants who are living and working in the Netherlands. The below indicated revised salary conditions are effective as of January 1st, 2019.

Overview changes in salary conditions 2019

Type knowledge migrant

New salary criteria monthly gross salary excl. holiday allowance effective as of 1-1-2019

New salary criteria monthly gross salary incl. 8% holiday allowance effective as of 1-1-2019

Knowledge migrant younger than 30 years  € 3,299 € 3,562.92
Knowledge migrant 30 years and older € 4,500 € 4,860

Knowledge migrant after orientation year for graduates / orientation year for highly educated migrants

€ 2,364 € 2,553.12

Holders of a European Blue card

€ 5,272 € 5,693.76

Source: Staatscourant jaargang 2018 nr. 67779

If you have any further questions related to the knowledge migrant procedure and/or any other immigration procedure for the Netherlands, then please contact one of our specialists.

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