Do you trade with the United Kingdom? And is your company one of the 80 percent of companies who have not yet, or not yet sufficiently, prepared for Brexit? The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is making Brexit vouchers available (valued at EUR 2,500) for getting advice, identifying the consequences for your company and for stimulating the identification of new markets.

As a Dutch SME enterprise, with existing economic interests in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), you can apply for a Brexit voucher.

How do I apply for a Brexit voucher?

You can request the Brexit vouchers on the RVO website (Dutch). You must attach a CV of the adviser with your application. And an itemised quote, which lists the activities you will be using the voucher for. This quote should not be older than one month at the time of application.

The voucher is valid for six months. The services for which the voucher has been issued should also take place within that period.

Mapping your risks and related actions

Grant Thornton's advisers have access to a comprehensive programme that, together with you, will map your business with the UK. That acts as a base to determine whether there is reason to determine what the consequences of Brexit will be for your company. And advise you about the risks and what you can do to prevent these from happening.

Would you like to know more about this programme? Or about applying for a Brexit voucher? Please contact Bob van der Steen, leader Brexit affairs.