How do I approach the acquisition of shares from our managing director shareholder? How do I know what the company is worth? How can I finance this? Would our managing director be open to selling to me, as a management team (MT) member? What should my business plan look like when I'm the business owner? These are difficult issues, that need to be solved besides the existing challenges of running the business. We are here to help.

From employee to entrepreneur

If you are in the MT, you already know how to run the business. But a buy-out is not an everyday event. We can help you close the best deal. This means not only negotiating the right acquisition price, but also getting the right financing under the right conditions. We help to assess what is most appropriate for you – the bank, private equity, or a combination of both?

Interest - valuation - scenarios

We can make your interest in a management buy-out known on your behalf, and draw up a plan of action. We will value the company, so that you can evaluate the feasibility of your plans. We will also calculate a number of scenarios. Is it best for you to 'grow into' the business, in phases, together with other MT members? Or to buy the entire company in one fell swoop? We put you in a position to make well-informed decisions.

The benefits

  • You will have a structured acquisition plan.
  • Insight into the value of the company.
  • Insight into how achievable your plans are.
  • You will be supported in the negotiation process.
  • Insight into the best legal structure for your plans.
  • A smooth transfer.
  • You will know how to assess financing proposals from banks and private equity.
  • We will function as a buffer between you and your boss, so that you can maintain the good relationship.

In a management buy-out, management enters into negotiations with 'the boss'. This brings with it extra sensitivities. I often see that the advisors, on both sides of the table, form the necessary buffer between the parties. This enables the parties to maintain a good relationship. That's not only pleasant, it’s sometimes really crucial.

Evert Everaarts Partner

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