International (intergovernmental) organizations hire many employees from abroad. These employees might benefit from tax privileges and immunities. The underlying rules are complex and time-consuming to research and explain. However, as employer, you must be able to answer all the employee’s questions, such as:

  • What changes will occur if I start working for an international organisation?
  • What happens if I work from another country in which the host country agreement does not apply?
  • What are the implications if I am being seconded from a national government institution? (for example: national judges who are seconded to the International Criminal Court or Dutch police officials who are seconded to Europol).
  • Am I still entitled to mortgage interest deduction when working with an international organisation?
  • What happens taxwise if I have received income from ancillary activities?
  • Is my spouse also exempt for social security contribution in the Netherlands?
  • Will I receive a VAT-tax refund for personal expenses?
  • What do I need to do when reaching the pension age?

International organizations are more and more seeking for service providers who can answer all these questions and to further assist on these matters to unburden the employee.

We certainly can help you with answering all these question and more!

Extensive knowledge about host country agreements and tax privileges

Our Global Mobility Service team is specialized in international organizations and therefore has knowledge about treaties, host country agreements and the privileges which are incorporated in these. We combine this knowledge with the regular national and international tax rules. Our specialists in this area has previous worked with Team IFB of the Dutch tax authorities and have extensive knowledge about treaties, host country agreements and national law regarding privileges and immunities. The Global Mobility team further consists of immigration specialists, pension specialists, wage tax advisors, social security specialists and tax return officers.

What can we do for you and your employees

Our services include:

  • Tax briefing for new employees.
  • Filing tax returns for your employees (including spouse).
  • Assistance for employees when reaching pension age (requesting SVB-decision/VSO tax authorities).
  • Assistance when outsourcing employees.
  • Assistance with private servants (wage tax return/contracts).
  • Assistance for experts/contractants/defence counsel.
  • Filing IB-100 form.
  • Filing D39 form.
  • Requesting special license plate (for exemption MRB/BPM).
  • Questions about quotas for alcohol beverages, fuel and tobacco.
  • Handling the communication with the tax office on your or on the employees behalf.
  • Setting up a pension arrangement for your employees.
  • Answering every question you might have taxwise.

We are able to completely unburden your organization and arrange everything with the Dutch tax authorities. This will save your organization a lot of time and thus costs. Taxes and privileges are our speciality so we are able to communicate efficiently with the Dutch tax authorities and counter fiscal arguments quickly on your behalf. It is also possible to pick-and-choose services based on your needs.

What is in it for you?

  • You will have satisfied employees, who are supported with all of their tax questions.
  • You will receive quick answers and do not have to wait for the long response period the tax office takes into account.
  • You will know the organization’s or employees tax position, before talking to the tax office.
  • Your international employees are fully prepared for the tax consequences of their move.
  • Your employees will be well taken care of when they reach the pension age.
  • The tax position of your employees will always be clear.
Louis de Vries
Head of Global Mobility Services
Louis de Vries