Pension plans

Using our in-house expertise and by bundling our fiscal and legal knowledge and our relevant experience in the field of pensions, we are able to optimally advise employers. We are able to “translate” your pension plan to your financial and HR-administration and of course to your annual accounts.

Do your employees know all the ins and outs of your pension plan and what the costs are for you you as employer? Our pension advisors are able to communicate your pension plan to your employees. A pension plan is more than only an amount on the payslip of your employee! A proper communication about pension is not only necessary because Dutch pension law obliges employers to do so, but also to explain the advantages and entitlements and coverages of the pension plan.

Grant Thornton is able to advise you regarding which pension plan would be the best for your company. We are entitled to advise you which pension product will be most in line without advise. We have a license from the Dutch Authorities of the Financial Markets (AFM) and agreements with several Dutch insurance companies.

We can also provide a second opinion on an advise of another pension advisor.

Download our flyer regarding Pension plans [ 196 kb ].

Due diligence

Grant Thornton is also able to perform pension due diligences, to map possible pension issues and pension claims. Especially when buying or selling a company or activities.

We perform a scope investigation whether an industry wide pension fund would be mandatory for your company or not.

We are also able to perform a check whether your pension plan is IFRS-proof to US GAAP or other bookkeeping principles.

Download our flyer regarding Due diligence [ 189 kb ].

Human resource services

Our pension advisors, together with our Human resources services specialists, are able to manage your pension plan. We will take care of communications between the employer and the insurance company and the pension administration on the internet portals of the insurance company. All changes regarding the payroll will be communicated by our payroll staff directly to our pension advisors or the insurance company. In this way we will “unburden” employers.

Provision of services

In this document for provision of services [ 244 kb ] you can find information about our organisation, our service offering, our way of working and our rates.