Are you an entrepreneur subject to personal income tax or corporate income tax in the Netherlands? Then you are entitled to take advantage of the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). What changes should you be aware of from 2024 onwards? And which investments qualify? We provide you with all the information.

What is the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)?

The Energy Investment Allowance is an attractive fiscal scheme aimed at promoting sustainable investments. In addition to reducing your energy consumption and emissions, you benefit from tax advantages. The Energy Investment Allowance is available for organizations investing in CO2 reduction, energy-efficient technologies, or sustainable energy.

How much is the EIA in 2024?

Starting from 2024, the EIA is set at 40 percent. This is 5.5 percent less than in 2023.

Utilizing Tax Benefits with the Energy Investment Allowance

The EIA can be combined with other facilities to maximize tax benefits. For instance, if you make use of the Small-scale Investment Allowance (KIA), you can deduct up to 70 percent of the investment amount!

Would you like to know if you can combine the EIA with MIA, VAMIL, or ISDE? We explain it to you. You will also find a calculation example for optimizing tax benefits in 2024.

How to apply for the EIA?

We provide you with a five step approach in the whitepaper.

Download the five step approach