Markets and regulations are changing faster than ever. In order to survive and grow you must be increasingly adaptable.

To help with this, you look for specialist advice and ask specific questions. Questions that not every organisation is able to answer. It is not easy to find a partner who has both the required solid base (prestigious, qualitative, smart, full-service, international) and the flexible mentality (personally engaged, team spirit, proactive, agile). A partner who is able to quickly and correctly respond to your questions and who can book results. One who offers world-class expertise but with the scale and manner that suits you and your business.

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What is this 'difference' that we are known for?

Grant Thornton offers the best of both worlds: a combination of a solid (inter)national base and the flexibility that you require. We combine this with the character of our local branches: flexible, personally engaged and driven by results.

What do we offer and how will you experience this?

An accountancy and advisory partner who moves with you, will help you achieve a stronger position in changing times. You’ll work with a full-service provider, who can help you with your complex, simple and unconventional questions. This increases your agility, the capacity for change in your organisation and your opportunities for growth.

How will we make sure you notice the difference?

The way in which we deliver our services is the cornerstone of our promise to you. It is the combination of quality, flexibility, the drive to achieve results and the personal attention that ensures we can easily adapt to your needs and that we can help you to increase your ability to adapt and with that the ability to grow.

ExpectationsOur solutions
1. We stand for quality. We are strict on rules and regulations.
We have an (inter)national approach and working method.
We invest continuously in our development and the development of others.
We reach the highest level of proficiency in our field of expertise.
We are honest, transparent and independent in the execution of our tasks.
We aware that the quality of our work is essential for you as an entrepreneur. You represent the results of our work to the outside world. This means that our work can be of influence on your company’s activities. Naturally we deal with this in a sensible and diligent manner.
We are equipped with an extensive system of organisation-specific procedures and codes of conduct. Our employees adhere diligently to this system of quality, both internally and externally. 
We ensure that the right people do the right job.
2. We are flexible. We move with you. We provide advice that is relevant to your situation. Customised, no matter in which market segment you operate.
We react proactively and quickly to changes, take targeted and timely decisions and put these into practice straight away.
We work together with you, so that we can bundle our expertise and resources in order to better help your organisation.
3. We are personally engaged. You always have direct access to our employees and are in close contact with the responsible advisor, specialist or partner. 
We are passionate, we show empathy and are genuinely interested in your situation and motivation. We feel connected with your organisation.
We have a strong team spirit and work with you as equals to improve both the organisation and the potential for growth. You will experience the feeling of partnership in practice.
4. We are driven by results. We look further than the assignment. We proactively seek opportunities for improving and growing your organisation, processes and results.
Our advice is always practical, achievable and application oriented. We offer business-
leading solutions and implement these in a pragmatic and engaged manner.
We challenge each other to get the best from ourselves and our team and, in doing so, we also inspire others to develop themselves further.
We take the initiative for making a positive difference.

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