International business, increasing competition on the domestic market give rise to more opportunities on the global business arena. Think of expansion overseas or a foreign company expanding in the Netherlands. How do you go about it?

When you broaden the scope of your business operations in a foreign country, there are always a number of key factors that play a vital role. Knowledge of the local market, knowledge of the tax regulations and local legislation will determine the course you chart. That knowledge is crucial, irrespective of whether you are about to open a new office in a foreign country or considering an international acquisition. Advice is of vital importance.

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The Grant Thornton International Ltd. network consists of 23 international business centres, one of which is in Amsterdam. Monique Pisters, partner of Grant Thornton in the Netherlands, is in charge here and directs a team of specialists with a vast pool of international experience.

Thanks to our international network with its international business centres, we are best placed to assist you with international operations within the Netherlands and abroad.

Be it in the business of acquainting yourself with international operations or drawing up international business plans. Together with Grant Thornton specialists across the globe, we help you to implement your strategy by deploying a team of specialists with the right set of skills, both in the Netherlands and abroad. That way, you can count on the right team for the right 'job' just about anywhere in the world.