The Netherlands, a gateway to Europe, is attracting an increasing number of Multinationals that originated from China and Asia countries. The competitive economy, strategic location, rational fiscal features, innovation, and R&D infrastructure as well as international multi-lingual talents facilitate direct access to Europe. The Netherlands is a location to consider in a rapid changing international business and the tax & legal environment to meet your cross border long-term business purpose. In this digital globalization world, the Netherlands is one click away.

Grant Thornton has +140 member firms worldwide. Our global network collaborates on requests for outbound and inbound investment to meet your needs promptly. When you need resources that are not in-house, we have a broad network and partners to tackle your needs.

Cross country businesses between Asia and the Netherlands are becoming common. However, there are different legal frameworks and vastly different business cultures between the various nations. To overcome the challenges brought about by the differences and to avoid adverse effects on business success, we have to fully understand and observe these differences and practices. This is where the Dutch Asian Desk from Grant Thornton can support you.

Grant Thornton Dutch Asian Desk is your centre of excellence with experienced professionals and one-stop service. We offer our services according to mutually agreed terms and conditions. You give us your business plan/vision/strategy in dots, we will work with you to link these dots to illustrate the landscape of your vision, with step plans. We aim to differentiate ourselves in partnership with our clients and go the extra mile.

How we make a difference and go the extra mile

Grant Thornton Dutch Asian Desk aims to be a centre of excellence to tackle your needs and help you move business and operation promptly and efficiently by collaboration, coordination, and transparency. We act promptly to gather required resources internally and externally at your request.

  • Collaboration
    We offer a broad range of services with in-house expertise and collaboration with external third-party professionals. Together we provide an integrated support to meet your needs. Additionally, Grant Thornton international network enables exchanging cross border experiences and successful practices to be part of our integrated platform.
  • Coordination
    Dutch Asian Desk consists of professionals with multi-lingual and cultural background to enhance the coordination of your needs. We understand the cultural differences and aim to have the role in shorten this barrier and to coordinate in a language we all understand, including the complex tax and accounting topics.
  • Transparency
    We offer a simple and open platform with our one-stop service offerings to enhance transparency to all stakeholders, helping our clients to identify the required actions and managing the issues in a timely manner. From inbound and outbound startup, compliance coordination, administration, tax & legal and associated supply chain restructuring consultation, tax technology, mergers and acquisition to human resources, Dutch Asian Desk is here to support your business and operations.

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Christina Cheng
Director Dutch Asian desk
Christina Cheng