Our lawyers are never done learning and continue to develop in a range of areas. Besides the advice they provide on a daily basis on practical questions about employment law and corporate law, we are also ready to provide advice and solutions for more specialized legal questions.

Our Specialist Areas

Mergers & Acquisitions

Can I take part in a cross-border merger? Is it important to undertake a Due Diligence investigation when buying shares in another company? Which guarantees should I include in the sales agreement? All important questions that our legal M&A specialists will gladly pick up with you.

Insolvency Law

Companies in dire straits must take measures, often with drastic financial and legal consequences. A suspension of payment or bankruptcy requires strategy, planning and communications to creditors, staff, banks and other stakeholders. In short: a far-reaching process in which your actions as a director or supervisor can be the subject of investigation.

Privacy & ICT Law

As an entrepreneur, you probably process privacy-sensitive information. The more data your organisation processes, the bigger the risks. Have you thought about the consequences of a data leak? How do you keep these consequences in check? And are you meeting the requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Transport & logistics

The Netherlands is a real trading country due to its location, infrastructure, and its highly-educated workforce. The port in Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, makes the Netherlands the gateway to the European hinterland with its millions of consumers.

Real Estate and Tenancy Law

Whether you are an owner, tenant or lessor of a commercial property, or maybe a part-time tenant as a ‘start up’: you will always have to deal with renting or buying/selling real estate, and aspects such as bank financing and securities. Our real estate lawyers support you in all aspects of real estate law.

Health Law

The developments in healthcare are taking place at a rapid pace. Changes in regulations and societal debates on this topic are taking place continuously.

Corporate Housekeeping

By corporate housekeeping we mean meeting the corporate legal and statutory obligations that are applicable to your company. Is your company part of a legal entity? Then you must pay attention to the operations of that legal entity. Who takes which decisions and how should this take place? Have the correct details been registered with the Chamber of Commerce? Which obligations must your company meet? All questions that we can help you with. And not just that: we are keen to unburden you by taking on some of the work.


Sustainability, impact and corporate social responsibility: most organisations are involved in this to some degree. Corporate social responsibility has become an integral part of the current economy. We are keen to help you because we believe in sustainability and we want to contribute to a more sustainable world including it’s Legal framework.